I'm a first-time client of Bodywork by Erika. What can I expect during my first massage session?

Welcome to Bodywork by Erika! Please allow at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled session for setup and to go over your intake form. During your intake, I will ask questions pertaining to the information you provided on the forms to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. 

During the massage, I will gather feedback from you as to the pressure, comfort, and response from the treatment. 

After the massage, I will discuss your future treatment plans and self-care procedures.

What should I expect after receiving Deep Tissue or Trigger Point Therapy massage?

A feeling of soreness due to an inflammatory response after Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy is common. I recommend that you remain hydrated with water and stretch following the massage.

How do I prepare for an in-home massage?

The only requirements are that you provide enough space for the massage table and myself to move around freely and access to an outlet. I will provide all the materials needed. 

Please hydrate with water at least one day prior to the massage. If consuming a meal beforehand, choose a lighter food option.

I don't have enough room at my place. Do you have a location I can go to?

I am also located at 6319 East US Hwy 36 Suite 4, Avon, IN 46123.