"Draping" means covering a client with an opaque material that is sufficiently large to protect the client's personal privacy. (State Board of Massage Therapy; 847 IAC 1-1-5; filed January 13, 2009, 11:54 a.m.: 20090211-IR-847080351FRA)

Bodywork by Erika conducts an ethical and legitimate massage therapy practice and is bound to Indiana's State Board of Massage Therapy Laws and Regulations. 

Indiana State Law

Review Indiana State Board of Massage Therapy Laws and Regulations at

Guidelines pertaining to boundaries and draping can be located on page 10: 

847 IAC 1-2-5 Boundaries; ethical conduct; sexual misconduct Authority: IC 25-21.8-2-9; IC 25-21.8-3-1 Affected: IC 25-21.8